A dream deferred? No way! A Dream Fulfilled…

One of my favorite authors, Langston Hughes, once wrote a poem about a dream deferred. It was basically a hypothetical question that challenges us to think about what happens to a person’s inner soul when they are tricked into suppressing their life dream. Of course, his writings were in relation to the race struggles of his day, but can be applied to any scope of our delayed or suppressed dreams. Here in this video, Scott (an autistic young adult), defies the naysayers of the Autism (ASD) spectrum. He stands against being coerced to give up on his dream of singing. He stands up and takes a dream deferred and makes it a dream fulfilled. If that were the only amazing thing, that would be enough to blog about in and of itself. However, he also has an AMAZING voice. One, that I honestly believe would have been a tragedy for no one to hear…to be heard only within the four walls of his house would have been a true shame.  I am grateful he faced his fears and portrayed the beautiful side of Autism for young men like my son. And so today, he is the “encouragement post” of the day. Thank you Scott.


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