Why The Fight Against Greener Vaccines?

I believe in vaccines. Let me say that first and foremost. For years, vaccines have helped us as a country avoid horrific,debilitating illness. However, for the life of me, I do not understand the attack on parents wanting more information on what is in them and the tests and studies done to prove their safety. I believe in healthier, greener, vaccines and the use of wisdom and research in its distribution. Especially for children 12 and under. Add that, and I will be the first to publicly support them.

I find it fascinating how this doctor is expressing several of my sons current issues, esp. digestive and autoimmune after his second round of shots without ever having met him. I could relate to the shortness of breath (my son stopped breathing as a baby and was told he had “croup” when we took him to the ER about it and symptoms had subsided), constant fevers (fevers as high as 104 every two weeks for the first six months of life), suspected seizures (looking into this issue now with my son, but saw suspected ones 3x’s during his younger years), digestive issues (was diagnosed with an impacted colon at 8 and the inability to properly digest foods), autoimmune and developmental deficiencies, and his ultimate Autism diagnosis. All symptoms not seen in my other two children as I personally slowed down the schedule and researched how to prepare them for each vaccine with certain vitamin supplementations. Could she be on to something?

I do, in fact, give my son melatonin to help him with sleep issues when he has a cold. (I am not a doctor, but as a mom, I highly recommend Zarbees nighttime cold formula, lol.  I use it simply because it works wonderfully for all three of my boys (esp. my Autistic son), happens to be drug free with an increase in zinc and vitamin C, and aids in helping them sleep. All naturally. Works like a charm and most of the time even better than cough medicine. (Although, I do use the proper dose of Delysum(per age), a tbsp of honey, in some decaffeinated tea for stubborn coughs that works nicely as well)…

But why? Why does Zarbees work so well for my ASD son? That is my point. I think it has to do with the melatonin in it helping him get the necessary sleep he needs to fight the cold. Otherwise, he can’t seem to get to sleep like his brothers. I am quite interested in this doctor’s findings and recent observations on the effects of certain toxins in vaccines that affect different children in different ways. I think the medical field would be wise not to dismiss this and instead, humble themselves and conduct some further study in this direction on the effects of glutamate and other toxins in the vaccines they are distributing. Especially if those ingredients are the only thing needing change to make vaccines safe for more children. Imagine the positive results that can be gained by simply no longer using harmful ingredients in vaccines that can trigger responses in children (esp those genetically prone to Autism or other autoimmune disorders) that may lack manganese once given the shot or have an unknown sensitivity to glutamate. How would you know a baby would have a glutamate sensitivity? Just saying….

Yes, I would love to see this study looked into further. So before you pre-judge me as an anti-vaccine quack, let me express my feelings on vaccines once again. I think VACCINES ARE NECESSARY, but should not pose more harm than they prevent. I believe in greener, cleaner vaccines. Any thoughts?


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